Interview with Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs // mp3s

Jen Cray - an amazing photographer from Florida whose work I admire has posted a cool interview on the INK 19 page with talented Boston indie rock guitarist Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs! Please stop by and give it a read HERE: Nick Zinner interview on INK 19

Guitar Hero - An interview with Nick Zinner is a treat.

photo credit: Cynthia P

Nick Zinner and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs played a free show at Boston's City Hall Plaza in August. Read all about it - Boston YYY show coverage on the RSL blog
Nick Zinner's latest project:
Nick has remixed the song "People are Germs" by Single Frame.
Here's the video (look for Nick!)

BONUS MATERIAL - mp3s: YYYs live tracks
Melbourne, Australia
A: Dudley (live) (EzArchive)
B: Dudley (live) (MediaMax)

A: Maps (live) (EzArchive)
B: Maps (live) (MediaMax)

A: Warrior (live) (EzArchive)
B: Warrior (live) (MediaMax)


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