The Weekend Gate: Special songs for friday

Freedom: Please take a moment and treasure this fleeting moment.

Ahhhhhhh. Friday... I never thought you were going to get here old girl!

A scene from the office.
I am Guildenstern (the one standing next to Rosencrantz...)

The medical device grind was particularly long and hard this week. Time for some music.
Everyday the world of this blog: new friends, new bands and contacts from all over the world - just gets bigger and wider. I really couldn't be happier. I was contacted by two more individuals from France and another musician from England (Gerry Miller from "Letters and Colours" was the first) on posting some work and doing some guest blogging.
Stay tuned - the next week looks very good for the RSL blog! (Now crack your Bass beers! Nuzzle your Newcastles and Guzzle a foamy Guinness... Friends, you earned it.)

On to the mp3s:

These four tracks are in my vehicle's CD player right now.
They are all from the RSL weblog disc series
(from the"Green collection" - disc #2 / 12)

Beck - Beercan

The Beatles - Glass Onion

Cornershop - Funky Days are Back Again

Check back soon!

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Jingying said…
Hey thanks for reading :) How true, what you said - i never thought about that..maybe the older generation might consider buying it? Not sure.

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