the indie landscape in the UK - A chat with Gerry Miller

A note from Ryan: This is a guest post from British guitarist and singer Gerry Miller.
Gerry performs in an amazing Sheffield band named Letters and Colours.
This post was born from a question I posed to Gerry some time ago. He was good enough to respond with some great wisdom..

RSL: Which new bands in the British music scene do you think Americans should start paying attention to?

GM: Alright, let me tell you. These are groups I love. Groups that excite me...
picture: Phil Swift for Rotary Ten
Rotary Ten have been very influential on the development of our own group for some time now. They were the first underground band of quality I had ever seen. They inspired and intimidated in equal measures and made me feel the improbable was attainable. Live, they are loud and exciting . A wake up call.
Choice lyric; "I've made a plan to conquer love and all that, With that in hand, I thought that I could sit back"

picture: Kevin Petch for I Love Poland
The majority of the music I listen to regularly was made before I was born. Contemporary groups leave me feeling cold as I very rarely believe groups to be lyrically or musically sincere. I Love Poland successfully shook me out of this stupor. I came across the band through the internet. And ever since I've told anyone who'll listen how great they are.
Their song-writing appears to be as very simple, yet I've still to hear any modern song-writing that comes close to Cripple or The Glamour of the Dark.
On a personal level, I Love Poland have ignited an excitement equal to when I first discovered The Idiot.
Choice Lyric "Speaker! Won't you come down? You're making a fool of yourself!"
(RSL note: I Love Poland’s seven-track EP titled “ILP” will be released on October 2.)

New Young Pony Club have tunes that are musically slick and lyrically suggestive. I associate them with fun times and as their popularity grows you probably will too. It's music that you can dance to, music that provides a glamorous alternative to the regluar aspects of life that needs to be escaped from now and again. Choice Lyric "Show me what you're hear for, Come on and dip your dipper"
RSL: Thanks Gerry.
previous RSL post from Letters and Colours' Gerry Miller:


Ryan Spaulding said…
I was just sent an email by I Love Poland. They send their regards to the readers of this blog.

Thanks to Ben of ILP, I will post an as of yet unreleased mp3 from their new album when I get out of the office.

Three cheers!

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