North into the dark woods by sleddog

As you crack the pages of This Olde Blog, I am in Vermont.
Driving four hours to get molested by Border Officers and lose myself in the canopy of trees.
My younger cousin is getting married today and I thought I should help with the drinking.

I am in Stowe - this is a famous covered bridge here.

Songs not about "the country" or about "vacationing"
but have them in the title:

Country Death Song - The Violent Femmes

We Used to Vacation- Cold War Kids


Songs for people I have met or jived with for a few minutes this week.

The world is better off with you and I thought you should know it.

This one is for Jen S. Maybe we will see one another at a Sexton show:

Diner (live)- Martin Sexton

This one is for Vicki who is stylish and wicked cool:

In Heaven (into) Where is My Mind? (live)- The Pixies

This one is for Katie who I met over a slice of mushroom pizza:

Walnut Street Bridge- Heypenny

This one is for Jen P. She is the Pirate Princess (she tells me so!)

A Pirate's Anthem- The Jolly Rogers

(Texas' The Jolly Rogers have reformed as Oh No! Oh My! in Nashville!) -

* If you don't have a song here but we had a decent conversation this week do not freak out. Just keep being cool and keep your fingers crossed.

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evan said…
Is "jived with" a euphemism?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Well, I think I meant to say people I have had meaningful conversation with...
Onward Charles said…
Aww, thanks Ryan!p
Dany said…
hey ryan, did you know that vicki is from the ghetto?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Haha. A native of Brooklyn, I think... Not everybody can be perfect.

She has adapted pretty well I would say.

There must be some pretty crazy daily sparring going on over there at Planetary!

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