The Fury of the Sound - Tidbits from Austin's Sound Team & Southern Cal's Cold War Kids

Let this serve as a preview for SOUND TEAM tomorrow night.
(Friday 9/8/06 . The Middle East in Central Square - Cambridge)

live video:

This video was taken at The Earl in Atlanta on July 20.
Speaking of Atlanta live performances... (this would be segue #1)
Cold War Kids
Through the spring and early summer months, CWK toured with Sound Team.
The following is a live recording from the very same night and stage as the above video.

July 20 recording at The Earl

Now check out the video for the live song you just heard - (segue #2)

Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up to Dry:

... my favorite parts of this video - seeing bassist Matt Maust sitting at the lunch table with the boys - looking indifferent and Johnnie sitting at a desk in the classroom looking around like he doesn't know what page to turn to....

Cold War Kids personal anecdote:
I ran into the band eating dinner with Tapes N Tapes before their Boston gig in June.
After the show hours later I would later get pix guys from both bands.
Everyone was really great to talk with.
tip of the day / post script:
Pick up the new issue of Interview magazine people!

Not only does this issue have a Cold War Kids mention (those sly foxes at Interview!) but there's a New York Dolls and a Dirty Pretty Things interview. If you look close there's a write-up on Boston's own Crooked Still - a band that made some waves at folk festivals this year.

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Bob F. said…
Did you go to that show?
Ryan Spaulding said…
Hey. Yes I did go to the show. And I do apologize for not blogging it up. Just hours after it concluded I was out the door headed to Vermont for the weekend. I do have some pictures to share with you. The club sound was excellent for Sound Team and the French Kicks. Very enjoyable evening!

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