Boston's Robby Roadsteamer - Rocking & laughing out loud

Hello, Dead Serious? I want you to meet my friend Robby Roadsteamer.

Like Boston rock? Want to laugh outloud? It's a Roadsteamer kind of day. On Friday RR took over the WBCN 104.1 radio waves for hours as he does these days.
The results were pretty predictable: some listeners were enchanted - their days made by this comedic rock and roll madman. Others, weren't so impressed:

Robby Roadsteamer on the Hardy Show WBCN

More Robby on the radio in the past

Robby's neighbor in Allston weedwacking

Robby has something to say about Weezer

link: The Hardy Show Page - WBCN 104.1

Silly tracks

Robby Roadsteamer - Red Red Wine

Robby Roadsteamer - I'm Sorry Your Cat Has Ass Cancer

Such is the way with true genius. The Robby Roadsteamer story:

The predictably out of control Robby during an old in-studio interview at Boston's Fox 25.

Click to see Robby on Fox. Whoa!

The man has an unbelievable knack at stealing the spotlight and making people laugh maliciously. Make no mistake, though, he's dead serious about rock.

Robby Roadsteamer on the web

Robby Roadsteamer will be playing a totally off the wall comedy and rock night at Ralph's in Worcester. It makes me sad that I will be out of town for a wedding!

9/9/06 EVENT: Saturday at Ralph's Diner


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