Ryan Adams & Jesse Malin, Dylan video

I am heading out the door - off to an adventure involving an annual private party, two bands but lots of musicians and their friends from several Boston and Providence bands.. Its an ever-growing circle of friends but a tradition that after six years may be coming to a close. There will be a mix of classic rockers, rock-a-billy fans, punkers and hardcores. They are all music lovers.

Today's Special Post
Two Masterpieces
Bob Dylan's Series of Dreams VIDEO

Bob Dylan wrote "Series of Dreams" as a fantasy story depicting the human perception of dreams. In the liner notes to the original release of Biograph (album re-releases don't have this), Dylan let's us in on the songwriting process by relaying that the beat at the start of the song is set to resemble the rythmic beat of a horses hoofs.
At that time Dylan found himself quite taken by Native American culture. The belief in some, that people are carried off in both sleep and in death on the backs of swift horses, is conveyed immediately in the song.
The video takes a spin on the song's idea. We see Dylan looking out at the world and ultimately - back at himself.

Ryan Adams and Jesse Malin perform "Solitare" (live)
A really beautiful song and a masterful rendition.
I have several live copies of this, but this is easily the best.

This picture was taken in NYC's Battery Park some 3 years ago when the pair played a free Fourth of July show. The pair were piss drunk - especially Ryan.

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Just in case you were wondering - This recording is NOT from this show!

R. Adams & J. Malin - Solitare (live)

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