George Bush covers U2 & Links

It appears that EZArchive is having some more problems tonight, which means no new downloads... So I will give you extra cool tracks tomorrow.

I don't normally do politics -
I generally find the discussion of politics comparable to the probability of me putting an old iron bell-style diving helmet on my head, opening the creaky face plate and filling it with sting-happy bees. Even if you were to not get stung (which you probably would!) it's unnecessarily risky, stupid and a waste of time.

That being said - the following is as much a musical comedy (and all around satirical spectacle) as it is political:

US President George Bush singing U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday."

How do they do that with video?
I did my research and here are the results:Metavid

Here are some other funny "HOW TO..." pages.
Just to spice it up I have added my own titles in bold and italicized font!

How to Explore Abandoned Buildings.
RSL name:> The lawsuit waiting to happen - highly illegal help page

How to Survive a Freestyle Rap Battle
RSL name:> The who you lookin' at sucka? Welcome to 8-Mile page

How to Justify Your Sins
RSL name:> Sin, Glorious Sin!

How to build a Clown Car
RSL name:> Never give up your Dreams.

Ryan's Smashing Life MySpace page



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