Boston's Mechanical Spirits to relocate to SF

Is it Electricity in a Bottle? More like a Power Plant on a CD.

It is with bittersweet tidings that I introduce Mechanical Spirits to you today as I also must also relay that the project will be heading westward - finding a new home in San Francisco - over the coming days.

Mechanical Spirits is an amazing one-man project, the demon monster produced by my friend Jim Dias - a talented musician whose work I have come to know through several incarnations (both solo and with bands) through the years since I moved to Boston.
Mechanical Spirits is electronic power pop influenced by modern independent music and classic rock. As a fan of those music types, I was extremely pleased to hear the Spirits recordings. (Listen and you will hear echoes of both Joy Division and Daft Punk here!)
Those readers of the myspace blog saw me write up Jim several weeks ago. I thought it was now time for the rest of you to hear this amazing music.

DOWNLOAD NOW - My favorites:

TRACK 1 Another Hundred Suns (link expired)

TRACK 2 Something So Cruel (link expired)

TRACK 3 Perfect Thunder (link expired)

The new Mechanical Spirits EP is available by contacting the artist directly on his page: MECHANICAL SPIRITS web

Best of luck to you in San Francisco, Jim!


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