BA recording: Ted Leo mp3s the Middle East (8/6/06)

Ted Leo played the Middle East for a quiet, little solo gig.
He ended up raising the ante by jamming out with his band.
Thankfully this sold-out show went down on tape!

ted leo

Bradley's Almanac has just barely posted the incredible, sold-out Middle East upstairs Ted Leo gig for a download and listen. This show was from the beginning of the month (8.6.06)

If you recall, this is the very same show I was kicking myself for missing. (I had to drive to Connecticut a couple days later to catch Ted Leo and the Pharmacists play the Above Ground Festival in Bridgeport. - Yes, I am that big a fan...)

The first six songs are Ted solo, which wasn't suprising since that's how the act was billed. The second half of this amazing set is played live and loud with his Pharmacists bandmates.

Brad say's its one of the best shows of the year.... Who am I to disagree??

Go here now and check it out:

Bradley's Almanac - download the show!


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