Alt-country album of the year: Travel by Sea's Shadows Fall

Shadow's Rise is the 12-track release from Travel By Sea, and with it - and I am happy to relay, this year's most amazing alt-country release. A masterpiece.

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If you like Wilco or the new stuff Ryan Adams is producing - stop what your doing and pay full attention to everything that follows.

Travel by Sea is a two-artist project the result of hundreds of phone calls, email messages and hours of production. The result is a must-have album that has blown my away this week. Really.

Let's return to my prior statement. Why all the electronic communications between the two guys? Kyle Kersten, guitar and vocals, lives on the West Coast. Brian Kraft, guitars, keys, bass and production, lives on the East Coast. Two amazing musicians and they've never met in person. Never met and they have produced the most amazing album of its kind this year.
"I Won't Let You Down."
It’s the break of day and I feel no pain.
The smoke has cleared
And it’s passed my gears.

Come with me -
With the promise of something better

And I won’t let you down.
Let you…(down)

Shadows Fall

1. I Won't Let You Down
The rise and fall between notes created by the Piano and Guitar is a success in its own right. A winner.

2. Complete Shakeup
This track is amazing.

It's the hook in the album - so beautiful that it will grab the attention of even those resistant to Alt-Country.

3. Hopefully
The guitar moves like water, tumbling down a mountain stream. Excellent musicianship.

4. Still
This is one of the two tracks on the album (Consequences) w/ non-traditional production values that work!
What does a country western echo sound like?

5. This Will Pass
My absolute favorite song on this album. So sad and just amazing.

6. Can't Be Wrong
This song could be an homage to several important artists in this genre. Wonderful.

7. Desert Comes Alive
Cowboy ballad makes me want to go for a nature walk. "It comes alive.."

8. Nothing
This is the kind of song I would expect on Dylan's Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Soundtrack or maybe something Neil Young would have put on the "Dead Man" soundtrack.

9. Consequence (LTS)
This is one of the two tracks on the album (Still) with non-traditional production values that work! What does a country western echo sound like?

10. Brightside
Brian picks up the mandolin for this track.

11. Come Back To You
An absolutely solid alt-country number. It sounds like a strong-willed soul alone in a giant room.

12. Eastern Angel
The gentle pickings on a guitar, sending us back to reality.

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