The Above Ground Music Festival in Connecticut

About the time you are reading this I will likely already be driving south along I-95 heading towards the Bridgeport, CT

for the Bridgeport Above Ground (BAG) Music and Arts Festival. It's a free cultural bash being thrown by the city fathers (who have shut down some streets to accomodate this event and to setup a skate ramp or two) and several sponsors there.

Line-up at the all-day festival are set to include:

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - On the Web

Ever since I picked up Ted Leo and The Pharmacists' "Shake The Sheets" album, a moment has not gone by that I have not known the whereabouts of that CD. I want to be able to throw this disc into at a moment's notice. The mix of force and easy beauty that Leo exhibits in both his guitar work, lyrics and in his singing voice is remarkable.

Most of the readers on this page likely know Ted Leo. He is one of the most competent touring solo artists in the country, but some may not be familiar with his considerable body of work.

He plays now with an extremely tight band, The Pharmacists!

And, outside of Ryan Adams (who has proven to be the most prolific artist of this age since he doesn't stop releasing new material or recording with new artists) and perhaps Dave Grohl (who is in everyone's touring band) - Ted Leo has been the Everyman in the music scene. He plays cities across the country year-round. Most note worthy is that Ted Leo has the respect of a most elusive group - his fellow artists and musicians. Ted Leo adds class and a hell of a lot of serious rock to this festival.

Headliners, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists are scheduled to go on at 9p.m.


Planeside - On the Web
Post-modern pop punk from NYC. The band name sounded familiar, and now I know why! Their music has been showcased on ESPN sports video games. (Yes, a geek.) The strong drums, confident bass and sharp guitar should keep the people of Bridgeport busy under the summer sun.

J. DiMenna - On the Web
One listen to J's competent guitar work and expert story-telling and you will be won over. He is touring in support of his Awkward Buildings debut album released earlier this year.

The Zambonis - On the Web
This group has been around the block musically but they get to play in front of a home-town crowd at this music festival. I have an old Zambonis CD from years ago. It was a demo album I picked up working as a DJ for a radio station. Listening to their new stuff you can't help but hear how much better the band is musically, but the spirit and energy of their songs (all related to hockey and hard New England living! They are Boston Bruins fans... ) - well, that's remained pretty much the same. This should be fun.


The Mountain Movers - MM page & Alternate Routes - AR page
I really don't know these bands. I know they both are part of the southern New England music scene and the members are Connecticut natives. My bet is that both bands will likely give their all at this show in front of friends. Stop by their pages and check 'em out.



Ted Leo plays a special solo show at the Century Lounge in Providence tomorrow night.
(Arrive early - shows have been selling out.)


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