2006 Summer Showcase

Is this the SUMMER of LOVE?

Let's take a look back at what has come to pass as Fall approaches.

It was early June when Tapes N Tapes, The Figurines and The Cold War Kids stepped on stage at the Middle East.

Tapes 'N Tapes front man Josh Grier made quite an impression and got this year's indie summer season started right. Pictured here at the Middle East Downstairs in June.

photo credit: me

Indie Faves Tapes 'N Tapes from Minnesota just recently impressed on the David Letterman show. Here's the video:

The same night in Boston that TNT appeared, Johnny (guitars) from the Cold War Kids was captured outside the Middle East:

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The Cold War Kids would return to play with Austin's Sound Team and Midlake last month at TT the Bears.

Sound Team will soon return again to play the Middle East with the French Kicks!

Stay tuned on this - it's a September 8 show.

Radiohead came to town and played the Boston Pavilion.

To read my review of this truly amazing show

(published in the RSL MySpace blog)

- click and read: Here

In 2006, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs play to captive audiences:

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In Boston: Homeboy Nick Zinner played before an adoring crowd.

Photo credit: Cynthia P

And in Brooklyn: (during a two day stand) it was Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer Brian Chase who had the opportunity to meet his neighbors.

Here Karen O calls her drummer from out behind the kit for an impromptu mock interview.

Photo credit: The Angry Citizen

I Quip :One can't help but notice that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are becoming a household name. This may be one of the most successful indie tours of the year. Stay tuned.

It was the start of summer when the best You Tube video I had ever seen was released. Montreal's Wolf Parade w/ "I'll Believe in Anything, You'll Believe in Anything."

I fell in love with this clip immediately and knew it would have to make a reappearance.

Well, I acted too slowly and missed out on Ted Leo's sold out "solo/acoustic" daytime show at the Middle East upstairs recently. I was a little bit pissed off at myself for dropping the ball to be honest with you. I really wanted to go.

The show was a smashing success from all accounts, made all the better by the unexpected showing of Pharmacists members Dave Lerner and Chris Wilson. The crowd that showed up at the afternoon show was treated to a sensational performance that proved to be far from solo or unplugged!

The next best thing was to drive to Bridgeport last weekend to see Ted Leo play a wicked set at the Bridgeport Above Ground Festival (see yesteday's post)

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists played Bridgeport.
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The neighbors evidently prefer Yanni.


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Stereophonics ~ Pedalpusher live

Ted Leo ~ Since You Been Gone (in studio)

Voxtrot ~ Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives live - KEXP

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man, the first two stereophonics were so good! what happened to them??

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