Monday, December 29, 2014

K Phillips - Run For Shelter

Phillips practicing in The Garden - photo by Tim Slusher

Hailing from Austin, TX and bringing with him the howling ghosts of music's past Screamin' K Phillips could be the most underrated live act in America today. We were delighted to have him back with us in New York City - and of course, we recorded a bunch of live stuff with him playing in The Garden. This is just a tease. The full K Phillips session will go live over at TheOutlawRoadshow shortly, we just wanted to get you excited..

K Phillips is accompanied in the session by collaborator Daniel Thomas Phipps, who we came to know and love from his work with Phillips' deft backing band The Concho Pearls. Daniel Thomas Phipps recorded his own session which has been one of the fan favorites so far in 2014. You can watch that here.

MORE GREAT VIDEO TO COME: All footage shot for this year's Outlaw Roadshow in New York are the work of Ehud Lazin of SBGIt has been a joy to work with someone as passionate about new music and historic performances as we are. We want you to share Ehud's videos to the world! (Editor's Tip: The SBG YouTube channel is AWESOME.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Archie Powell and The Exports have a Rotten Christmas

Dysfunctional family dynamics, year-long grudges and unrivaled disappointment. Christmas isn't all it's cracked up to be for everyone. Chicago rockers Archie Powell & The Exports could be the most fun-loving act in America as all their songs are equal parts humor and unadulterated energy. Already on our Best of 2014 Nice List, the band played an outstanding set for us in New York City (video page and artist page). It looks from the outside that 2015 could be their best year yet. Provided, of course, they make it through this holiday season.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Golden Bloom - Wonderful XMas Time (Paul McCartney)

One of my favorite bands - a corny, fun-loving group that goes by the name of Golden Bloom (here's their Outlaw Roadshow page) has gone and covered an over-the-top Christmas classic by everyone's favorite living Beatle, Paul McCartney (sorry Ringo). This is something that even the most skeptical of you can believe in.

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Holiday Heartache from Girls Guns and Glory

Already on our Best of 2014 Artist List for their work on the outstanding Good Luck record, Girls Guns and Glory have gone and released a boozy Christmas Carol. "Holiday Heartache" got debuted on Rolling Stone's website last week and we're psyched to share this side of the holiday with you here. Known for their robust, Texas-by-way-of-Massachusetts sound, GGG have carved out a loyal following for their Hank Williams cover nights. 

The band plays two shows on New Year's Day at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge, MA with Miss Tess on January 1. The 4pm is sold out but tickets remain for the 8pm show. Celebrating the turning of the calendar with some old friends! [tickets]

A Best of 2014 Artist Selection:
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The Oh Hellos Christmas

I'm not much of a Christmas man, but I can appreciate the Christmas music side project. There's something magical about the effort artists exhibit in curating their own Christmas EP, which is often a elevation and a departure. Wanted to shine a light today down on The Oh Hellos who I came to appreciate following Newport Folk Festival this year. Their new Christmas record is a family record -- and therefore, much more traditional that my usual fare,  but therein lies the heart of a truly gifted band..

Maggie and Tyler Heath, the core of The Oh Hellos, are sibling composers whose talents and voices have acted as magnets, drawing a group of as many as 11 musicians to the studio and on stage to join them in crafting an extraordinary sound. On stage the result is at one moment intimate, the next explosive and triumphant, leaving fans in breathless bliss.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Baby Baby play Boston this Saturday!

BABY BABY - This Saturday at Great Scott!  The Atlanta Fun Rock band are one of my very favorite live acts in America. Words that spring to mind: Manic, Playful, and Explosive! Now on a coast-to-coast national tour, Baby Baby have carved a place for themselves in the nightscape of Atlanta where Hip Hop and Rap are the sounds of the streets. Their audiences? They have embraced the geeks, the losers, the fiends and those who love to rage, and made all of them their friends.

Poster by Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative

The 21+ show this Saturday at Great Scott features Baby Baby, Animal Talk and Twin Berlin. We will run a spotlight on each act before the week's out - return every day to catch that and buy those tickets (only $10) now!

Baby Baby
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Friday, December 05, 2014

Amy Douglas covers Heavy Metal as Ethel Merman

This is going to make your god-damn day.. Can you imagine anything more outlandish than seeing a classical crooner, like the show-tune queen Ethel Merman, performing heavy metal classics? Well, here you have it - Feints rocker Amy Douglas (up for two 2014 Boston Music Awards, also of Sunrise Highway fame), released an amazing video of exactly that today. Amy is an incredible vocalist and her portrayal of stage-era Merman is outstanding. What's wild for this music writer is that Amy write me an email last month with a cryptic question at the end.

AMY WRITES: When you think of Ethel Merman, which image enters your mind first. Ethel from the stage with the Pompadour, or Airplane the Movie Ethel?" she quipped.

MY RESPONSE: "Stage Ethel, of course," was my dutiful and immediate reply. I asked no questions and now it all makes sense!

FEINTS is playing the Redstar Union Nominee Party on Thurs Dec 11th, the whole stream of the night starts at 8PM but we're going on at 10PM. The whisky-loving Feints are: Douglas (Vox, Keys), Dave Baron (All Guitars) Rob Phillips (Bass) Tim Marten (Drums).

Amy will perform at The BMAs themselves on Sunday Dec 14th at 9:30 at the Revere (in the Lobby Stage). Douglas writes: "At the Revere I'm doing this absolutely nutso piano/vox Glam Rock Cabaret, where I'm gonna do a song by each of the Boston Bands of fame, so...Boston/Aerosmith/Pixies/Til Tuesday/Modern Lovers etc...but turn it inside out!"

It sounds like this is going to be one of THE performances to catch at this year's BMAs. Tickets are still available - but may not be for long.

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Bonus: Video Cover! 
Feints does Thin Lizzy

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Lightning Valentino

audio and video by Ehud Lazin

Imagine a world where character, personality and charisma are valued as they probably should be.. In this fantasy world, the crafty charmer Dan Blakeslee is King. The gifted singer/performer is also a celebrated graphic designer and cherished for his big heart and even larger spirit. This year Blakeslee went in did something truly amazing - and released one of the better records of 2014. Owed To The Tanglin' Wind is a collection of minstel ballads, journeymen songs and soaring collaborations. We were delighted to have Dan with us this year in New York City. This video is a sneak peek of Dan's private session video for "Lightning Valentino" off the new record. Take it all in then head over to The Outlaw Roadshow on Wednesday to enjoy the rest!

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Monday, December 01, 2014


We return to dropping artist videos from The Outlaw Roadshow this week and I definitely thought we would start it off right with these guys. POMPEII quietly walked into the Garden and straight into our hearts.. Head over to The Outlaw website later today for the full session. here's a sneak peek as Pompeii (and friends) flood the garden with "Celtic Mist."

Audio and Video by Ehud Lazin

HISTORY AND SOUND - Pompeii's signature sound of weaving delicate ambient openings into large dynamic crescendos is unmistakeable. The band is back from a five year hiatus with their third and most striking record to date, LOOM. Often compared to the likes of My Bloody Valentine to Sigur Rós and Mogwai, the band's sound still remains their own - atmospheric and effects driven. LOOM was engineered by Erik Wofford of Cacophony Recorders (Explosions In The Sky, Okkervil River, My Morning Jacket) in Austin, TX and mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, The Magnetic Fields). The foursome has also enlisted the help of the Tosca String Quartet for this latest release to round out their unique melodious sound.

Pompeii is Dean Stafford (Guitar, Vocals), Erik Johnson (Guitar, Keyboards), Colin Butler (Bass Guitar), and Rob Davidson (Drums and Percussion).

Formed in Austin, TX in 2004, Pompeii has since been performing and recording music both in their hometown and around the world. The band's first two albums, Assembly (2006) and Nothing Happens for a Reason (2008), garnered much attention from film & television placements. They have received international attention and critical acclaim from outlets such as The New York Times, The Guardian, The Chicago Tribune, American Songwriter Magazine, Filter, NPR, Apple, and MTV. LOOM, a stirring, symphonic and poignant effort, is out now on Red Eye Transit.

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