Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Music for the Ages!
This Saturday!

5/4 at Cafe 939
All Ages - 7:30pm

Click for larger version - this baby's amazing! A Frank Germano /Man on Fire design original.

Springing from the creative mind of music blogger Ryan Spaulding and brought to life on the stage of the Red Room at Cafe 939... This very special evening of music this Saturday offers Boston audiences three talented acts on the rise. Two weeks removed from the Marathon bombing that shocked our city, shuttering Boylston Street for a week, this night is intended to bring great music and audiences back to Boylston! Let's celebrate Spring! Come down and be entertained by the best live offerings available this Saturday night. Let's let music rule!

STEVEN ROTH - With a sound that dances on the fine line between popular music and rock, he's got both the musical chops and the feel-good aspect to bring a glowing pop sound to our stage in Boston. He recently supported The Who when they played in Los Angeles. It was a good pairing, as Roth's rock has a cool 1960's feel without it being rote or forced. Call it a glow, but coupled with the sound of a wild live set up on stage... All I can say is that Steven Roth is a winner. Roth was selected by Adam Duritz and yours truly to open The Outlaw Roadshow in Austin this March. He left having made hundreds of new fans... This is definitely someone you're not going to want to miss. His first ever show at Cafe 939!

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LILY & THE PARLOUR TRICKS - Prepare to be blown away by these dark, sultry songs! Described, tongue-in-cheek, as a band that performs murder ballads, one thing is certain: Lily & The Parlour Tricks can put on one hell of a show! Lily & The Parlour Tricks dive deep into the well of musical Americana and resurface with a wild stylistic brew. Lily’s songwriting influences range from The Andrews Sisters to Nine Inch Nails to 19th century murder songs, with roots planted firmly in the smoky back room of early rock n’ roll. "Combining dissonant guitar riffs with angelic vocal harmonies, Lily & The Parlour Tricks are the perfect combo of pretty and gritty... the band has a mysterious depth that holds audiences transfixed through their salty and sweet set." (The Wild Magazine, 2012). Their long-awaited return to the Red Room at Cafe 939. Be here with us!

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THE OKAY WIN - These locals have quietly become on of the region's most predictably good shows. With frenetic creative energy and with the ability to show great restraint - this is a Band You Need to Know for Boston. The band were recently invited to take part in this year's annual Rock 'n' Roll Rumble - an honor and tradition for New England bands going back three decades. The Okay Win's latest effort,  the EP "Leveled" is easily their greatest work to date (so much promise here!) offering fans a closer listen to a band making waves in 2013. This is their first ever RSL show.

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This Saturday Night, 
Boston returns to Boylston! 

Wake Up In A Swimming Pool!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Fort Frances - How To Turn Back Again


Shot and Cut by Robert Stockwell with Audio by Joe Flood, this is a really special sounding acoustic performance by FORT FRANCES. How did this shoot come about? Tell us about the location.

"There is an abandoned grain silo teetering next to Interstate 55 on the south side of Chicago. The gates are padlocked. The windows were smashed long ago when an explosion in 1977 forced the workers to find work elsewhere. The walls are covered in graffiti. The interior is littered with beer cans, furniture and trash left behind by the kind of boxcar-jumping spirits that I used to believe only existed in Kerouac classics. The silos may look like a forgotten piece of the city’s history, but there is still plenty of beauty hiding inside. Our friend and talented videographer Robert Stockwell helped us find it. We dug through the ruins, waded through flood water from the neighboring Chicago River and climbed a rickety ladder that looked like it was straight out of a horror movie set. When we got to the top, we found ourselves in a corridor between four of the towering silos where the sound carries for days," writes the band's David McMillin.

This is Music with Heart. The first time I listened to Chicago's FORT FRANCES was during the artist selection process for the Outlaw Roadshow. Putting together a really amazing lineup is like making a mix tape. I was at a juncture where I need a spirited fun act - but a tight band that can really blow people's minds - with their ability, not their volume. I got that and far more with this band. David McMillin, Jeffrey Piper, and Aaron Kiser ruled the stage in Austin, commanding one of the biggest fan responses of the two-day event and winning many new fans. This is one of the acts I feel most strongly about in 2013.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Runaway Dorothy sign with Rock Ridge Music

NEW YORK SONS - Dave Parnell and RUNAWAY DOROTHY have been signed to Rock Ridge (Newark, NJ) the label founded by former Universal Records executive Tom Derr. According the to the band, they are delighted to be working with with Rock Ridge. The arrangement will allow the label to release their new album - which has been teased for months, while allowing for creative freedom. A release date has not yet been set. Runaway Dorothy played triumphant sets at two Outlaw Roadshows in 2012 (in Austin, TX and in NY, NY) playing with some of the country's best talent and have since gone on to cull thousands of online fans. The year ahead looks very promising, the new songs are very, very good and there will be tour dates in support announced shortly.

Runaway Dorothy
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John Mayer Dines With Taylor Swift

NEW MUSIC OF NOTE  - Some years following the dissolution of Boston's The Rudds, JOHN POWHIDA has continued to produce great music (John Powhida International Airport) and making impact here in Boston. In 2011, Powhida was crowned champion in the city's legendary annual Rock 'n' Roll Rumble. And, as we see today, Powhida continues to push the line in the areas of creativity, expression and social commentary. "John Mayer Dines With Taylor Swift" tells us the story of a time in which we are all observers of celebrity culture. Many celebrate the lives of strangers - in this twisted cult of personality. This isn't some bleak, but distant dystopian future. This is the world we live in today. Buy the Song ($1) This impression-worthy music video was directed, shot and edited by Amanda Nichols.

And for me, this is better than the new David Bowie material. Brilliant work, J Po. I can't wait to hear more. The new full-length recorded at Q-Division goes live this summer. Keep that train rolling!

John Powhida 
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Vasco Da Gama

From the Mailbag

So, here's the deal. I can't begin to listen to, digest or publish everything we receive. About once or twice a month in 2013, I'll open new mail - and so long as the stuff is potentially of interest to our music-crazed audiences, we'll publish it. It gives everyone - no matter who you are, what kind of music you make, no matter your budget, a chance to reach our audience.


INTRODUCTIONS - VASCO DA GAMA are John Crawford, Chris Lynn, David Kelly and Joe Falconer. The four hail from Liverpool, England where they're making a good run of it these days. In the new clip Brigadiers we hear some bright, alternative rock clearly influenced by punk and indie rock. There's a sound technician quality on the records too. (Love the exchange between bass guitar and drums!) This music writer hears a half decade of underground influences in their new EP, Geography. All of it seems to work and one has to wonder if we'll be seeing these guys crossing the Atlantic anytime soon. If that happens, we'll be there. Definitely One To Watch in 2013.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron & Wine - Joy

The Best of 2013

IRON & WINE IS BACK - Sam Beam has returned to the fore with a new record in 2013. A little more than a 18 months since he last effort (the amazing Kiss Each Other Clean), Iron & Wine is back this month with another game-changing record. The new album Ghost on Ghost (Nonesuch Records/4AD) is available for purchase now. This guy's a genius - and a master of the ethereal. Expect to find this one on many year end Best Of Lists..

Iron & Wine 

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limited time: Record Store Day 7"

Iron and Wine Tour Dates
* with Maps & Atlases

May 11 /// Napa, CA /// BottleRock Festival
May 13 /// Pittsburgh, PA /// Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead
May 14 /// New York, NY /// Beacon Theatre
May 15 /// Philadelphia, PA /// Union Transfer
May 16 /// Richmond, VA /// Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens
May 17 /// Boston, MA /// Berklee Performance Center
May 18 /// Portland, ME /// State Theatre
May 29 /// Dublin, Ireland /// Olympia Theatre
May 30 /// Manchester, UK /// Opera House
May 31 /// London, UK /// The Barbican
June 1 /// Paris, France /// La Cigale
June 2 /// Utrecht, Netherlands /// Vredenburg
June 3 /// Brussels, Belgium /// Cirque Royal
June 5 /// Berlin, Germany /// Admiralspalast

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Blondfire - Waves

New Music Video
Artists on the Rise

You hear them when you try to fall sleep
They crash to the shore they come from the deep
As sure as the sun will rise the sun will set
You taste the salt the closer you get

Waves-picking you up
Pushing you down
They’re always around
Waves-just like a dream
Silver and green
We live in between
They can carry you all the way to me
They can pull you out to The deep blue sea
Oh waves, there are waves

Empires will crumble to the sand
All that you love can slip through your hand
But you must face the ocean once again
Follow the tides wherever you’ve been

Waves-picking you up
Pushing you down
They’re always around
Waves-just like a dream
Silver and green
We live in between
They can carry you all the way to me
They can pull you out to The deep blue sea
Oh waves, there are waves

FAVORITE SOUNDS - BLONDFIRE is sibling duo Bruce and Erica Driscoll (she sings, he produces) who have been writing, producing, playing and performing together since they were kids. Erica's soft, breathy, haunting vocals are at the forefront of a sonic landscape in the vein of MGMT, the Smiths, and the Cardigans. Blondfire were the first unsigned band to reach #1 on the iTunes Alternative chart - drawing the attention of Warner Brothers, who signed the band to their Modern Art imprint earlier this year. Since then, their amazing breakaway single, "Where the Kids are," went #1 on Sirius AltNation. I've written back and forth with Erica for about a year now and it's been exciting to see this happening for them.

We were lucky enough to catch the band play their last set at SXSW 2013 (we'll run those photos at a future date). The latest news it that Blondfire will be opening for Foals on a two-month North American run that kicks off TODAY in Houston, TX and runs through June. They will also be performing at this year's Lollapalooza festival.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Marathon Day by The Hush Now

"We pulled together a little tune this past week, trying to make sense of it all and I thought you'd appreciate it. It's not much, but we hope that maybe it brings some comfort... " 

 Noel Kelly of The Hush Now 
Boston, MA

The Song is Free to Download.
The Hush Now requests fans donate to 

The Hush Now
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Richie Havens 1941 - 2013

I didn't know Richie Havens, but I certainly understood his music. Born years after his eternal performance on the stages of Woodstock in 1969, until this moment I have never known a world that Richie didn't already occupy with vibrant song. His rhythmic guitar, his percussive playing and bellowing voice asking for "Freedom" will continue to be one of mankind's finest recorded performances..

As a child watching that set for the first time some years later, I recall thinking that Richie Havens owned the entire world. You couldn't help but feel that way - watching him deliver the music from his heart to all of those souls at Woodstock that day... And to think how many more have seen it and heard it ever since..

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photos of Richie Havens at Newport Folk 2010 by 5342 Studios

Monday, April 22, 2013

ZAZOO made a big splash at SXSW

What's New & Worthy

A winning Chrome & Firefox browser plugin - As the dust of SXSW finally settles it becomes considerably easier to determine the big winners to emerge from Austin, TX.

During the 7 day period of SXSW Music, ZAZOO was the most downloaded extension in the Chrome store. And the company saw 43,000 downloads of the plugin over a 4 week period. Big-time impressions were made at The Outlaw Roadshow and at the Brooklyn Vegan party. Everybody, it seemed, that we ran into in Austin had heard of Zazoo and a great many had already just begun using it. But what is it?

They're #1 but what is it?

Adam DuritzFilligarMatt Sucich and Tyler Stenson 
at The Outlaw Roadshow 2013 presented by Zazoo

Zazoo is a free add-on for the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. It works with the videos you are already enjoying. Download the plugin, visit the video page and you're off! This new web application provides users with a live and engaging viewing experience in YouTube, Facebook and beyond. With Zazoo you can access artist information and insights, sing & play along your favorite tunes, get lyrics and chords, go backstage and discover everything your favorite artists want to share about themselves, the track, upcoming tours, exclusive tickets, backstage passes, swag, etc.

For fans: this means you get a full, more rounded video experience that gives you information about the artist you are watching... drawing you closer to the experience. For musicians and industry: it means you can offer additional opportunities to viewers to interact with your music, sell tickets and t-shirts, share your lyrics, essentially getting far more from your videos.


Filligar played a raucous set on March 16 (full lineup)

Roem Baur played as if he was on fire on March 9 (full lineup)

Little Brave 

Steven Roth

Our Review: B+ for current execution and an A+ for a huge upside potential as Zazoo gets better. It's dead simple to install and intuitive to use. The version available free now is actively being developed to improve the experience.

As a publisher, a promoter and a friend to artists, I see this as a valuable tool for bands to translate those coveted video views into fan support. As a user, watching videos, the sky is the limit. I will be very, very exciting to watch this one go!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Monday Apr 29th

original poster design by Erin Genett of Treebeard Media

Click the Poster for Ticket Pre-Sale / RSVP via Facebook

from Chicago, IL

ARCHIE POWELL & THE EXPORTS have made a career of grafting prismatic power pop and sardonic, dark looks at the world outside into guileless songs with hooks galore. Archie actually kind of makes it look simple; he is incapable of writing an un-danceable tune, whether he turns a jaundiced eye on the culture of self-medication or whipping up a 3 minute heist story. Archie Powell is the son of a violin prodigy. He started playing guitar at 11 and writing “awful” songs at around 15. Immediately following college, he and keyboardist Ryan started the Exports, bassist Adam joined after they recorded their first EP and they rounded out the permanent line-up with drummer RJ. This is the band's second RSL show, they played a killer set at the Middle East last May.

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THE LIGHTS OUT have long been a pillar in the New England rock scene, putting on some of the most engaging, fun nights of music I've seen here. We love these guys and their music. It's a band with committed members - with a passion for performance. For this very special lineup on April 29th, we've thrown a curve ball at The Lights Out. On this evening, the guys in the band will play unplugged!! Come out and see one of Boston's best rock bands - play an acoustic night!

 Michael Basu photo

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THE LONGWALLS - Mining the edges of indie, country, and the worst of basic cable, The Longwalls make American pop music—exploring ideas and ideals from pop and pulp alike. Their new album Kowloon tell a cautionary tale, warning against isolation. Their latest record explores loss, struggle, melancholia, and the feeling all of us have of sometimes just wanting to give up. The songs from Kowloon aren't meant to be bleak, focusing instead on how life goes on and the sun will shine again, no matter what.

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Boston's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble - Night Three in photos!

Photographic Evidence
by Chris March

The Rumble (click for info)
TT the Bears Cambridge, MA
April 9, 2013


the set featured a surprise appearance by Kingsley Flood's Jenée Morgan

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On this night, Eddie Japan prevailed.
They advance to the next round and play Monday 4/22.
Glenn Yoder and the Western States took the Wildcard!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

my Record Store Day haul

The Avett Brothers & Randy Travis // 2,500 print run

Calexico - Spiritoso // 3,500 print run

Surfer Blood 3-Color "Demon Dance" // 4,700 print run

New England Market Only // undeclared run size
Big Dipper - "Joke Outfit" (Robert Pollard art)

Fitz & The Tantrums "Out of My League" // 2,920 print run

Willie Nelson Crazy: The Demo Sessions  
2,000 print run * SCARCE

Brian Jonestown Massacre "Out of My League" 
2,000 print run * SCARCE


Tame Impala EP // 5,000 print run

Miles Davis 'Round About Midnight // press of 3,000 


Thursday, April 18, 2013

SONS OF FATHERS - Roots and Vine

Get Ahead of The Curve.

STORYTELLING - A little less than two years ago now, I caught wind of a really exceptional alt-country folk act out of Austin. This genre is being produced reliably and with some merit in communities around the country, but there was something special about the music of Paul Cauthen and David Beck.

And so I wrote about this amazing new sound. And less than a month of the heels of that record, Beck and Cauthen were delivered a C + D letter from the attorneys representing a certain performer who also bears David Beck's last name... The band opted out of the fray - renaming themselves after one of their own songs, "Sons of Fathers."

David Beck and Paul Cauthen of Sons Of Fathers

A NEW ALBUM - Playing the name game has done nothing to impact the stellar songwriting and upbeat playing of the band. Sharing this new music video as a re-introduction and to promote the band's new record, Burning Days - which I'm pretty damn sure you're going to love!

Who knows, maybe you'll see these guys at an upcoming Outlaw Roadshow?!

Sons of Fathers
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Boston's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble - Night Two in photos!

Photographic Evidence
by Anne Cook

The Rumble (click for info)
TT the Bears Cambridge, MA
Apr 8, 2013

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Herra Terra - Portals

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On this night, Camden prevailed.
They advance to the next round and play Friday 4/19. Tickets.

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