Friday, April 30, 2010

Kitchen Sessions :: David Wax Museum

The Kitchen Sessions begin:
video by Steve Legare
photo by 5342 Studios
starring the David Wax Museum

Kitchen Session live photos of David Wax Museum by 5342 Studios

Persimmon Tree

from 2009's Carpenter Bird

Ed's Note: I am always impressed by what music, in some way or another, delivers to my door. And often, I end up being impressed with what people can accomplish with a little support. Kitchen Sessions is a newly launched project by our resident videographer, Steve Legare, that allows musicians to play small, intimate settings and offer the video up to the world.

EPISODE ONE - We begun tonight with world class Mexo-Americana artists The David Wax Museum. I have to believe they are one of the most authentic, down-to-earth acts we have ever met. (We hope that comes through just a bit in the videos. What follows is David Wax's own favorite....)

The Kitchen Sessions
David Wax Museum - Persimmon Tree

RSL Streaming Photo Album
the 1st Kitchen Session with David Wax Museum

Coming Up - This Week!
David Wax Museum
and Brown Bird

Sunday, May 2nd at Club Passim
Cambridge, MA [tickets]

Web - Myspace - Album

more David Wax Museum!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

the New Adventures of Duc'n It Easy

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

One to Watch in 2010

ALBUM RELEASE - It's not long into the new album from Massachusetts' Duc'n It Easy that we hear the Allman Brothers and Black Crowe influences... The truth is heard in the notes; we are carried down a twisting country road as described by Antonio Casasanta (vocals) and Steve Rice (guitar). Casasanta was a finance major at Fairfield University when he ran into Rice, a former high school classmate, at a local bar. The two were both interested in music and had a number of the same influences. The basis for the band was formed. The deal was sealed with Steve Paddock (drums) and Dan Beauchamp (bass) - two more old friends who found their way to the band and ended up playing music.

The new record, October, is out this week.

Duc'n It Easy
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

Boston's Real Dynamic Duo
Artists You Need to Know in 2010

photos: Kelly Davidson

Minimalist Rock is Art - Today we delve into Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling - a Boston duo inspired by the '60s cult spy-fi TV series The Prisoner. Sophia Cacciola, drums & vocals (formerly of Blitzkriegbliss!) has paired with Michael Epstein bass (front man of underground indie pop faves The Motion Sick) flex their cerebral muscle on this new project: the couple (who are married in real life) are releasing albums as "episodes" on their website - mirroring the spy v. spy television show. Let's hope all this excitement doesn't get somebody killed.

The duo plod along - smoothly at first. But soon, as the music heads to midnight, Cacciola's sultry voice changes takes a turn - and she howls from behind the drums. Epstein's guitar/bass rig is fully taxed - the sound is sometimes visceral and aggressive; there is no doubt, it is completely alive.

directed by Theodore Cormey

Thinking Man's Art - This project is just ridiculously cool. The Prisoner already has a cult audience and many of those learning about Do Not Forsake Me are following the band's exploits online. - Do yourself a favor and download the self released episodes. The dynamic duo are winning loyal fans with their sound and the mythos of recreating the television past... One spy story at a time. This is definitely One to Watch in 2010.

live this week in Boston!

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
will play Great Scott in Allston, MA
Thursday 4/29/10

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

new video MIA

VIDEODROME SERIES: We continue our look at new music videos. Today we take a look at the new controversial music video from MIA called, "Born Free." The track will be on M.I.A's third album which drops on June 29th from N.E.E.T / XL / Interscope.


THIS IS EXPLICIT VIDEO - A Warning. The video you are about to see is both gorgeous but also grotesque. The two elements were built into the film by director Romain Gavras, (famed for his music videos for the likes of The Last Shadow Puppets, Justice and DJ Mehdi.) MIA's wiry, frenetic beats are the backdrop for a series of unbelievable scenes that may not be for all audiences. The film is being called "Gingers" online. Here's why:

Seeking Out Sa-Ra

We Like What We Heard...

New York's Sa-Ra

Sa-Ra - Bitch Baby

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Monday, April 26, 2010

new video EDITORS

VIDEODROME SERIES: We continue our look at new music videos. Today we take a look at the brand new video from one of my absolute favorite bands: EDITORS. We named the band's "An End Has A Start" album one of 2007's Best Records.


Tom Smith

NEW SOUNDS - With extensive touring before growing audiences, the band's songwriting has taken an exciting artistic turn. Tighter and more plodding, Editors continue to be fueled by Tom Smith's emotional misadventures and memorable telling of lyrics.

>>>>> On "In This Light and On This Evening", Editors have clearly entered a new age of wiry, electronic dissonance while maintaining their footing as one of the most capable rock acts on the planet. New video (and a bonus live clip of the same) follow:

The Editors
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lounging with Hipster Kitty

Get Your Music From the Hipster Source
No One Human Has Ever Been So Damn Cool

Hipster Kitty was born with a leg up on everybody else. Born knowing one's destiny is difficult, but HK shoulders this burden well. These things can be taught...

The Coolest Cat in the Room makes the Mood.
Mix it Up! Be predictable in your Spontaneity.

Hipster Kitty has an impeccable sense of music taste - and an old soul. Each week Hipster Kitty digs out a music track from "the good list. " Sometimes it's brand new stuff, sometimes an old favorite. You never know what you'll get.

Hipster Kitty is a Weekly Music Series
that does it's best to confound and entertain.


VIDEODROME SERIES: We continue our look at new music videos. Today we take a lighthearted look into the world of New York's LCD Soundsystem. We named the band's "Sound of Silver" album one of 2007's Best Records. Let us begin:

LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy

"Drunk Girls"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MIDLAKE in Photos

Photographic Evidence
5342 Studios

Buffalo Billiards
Austin, TX - 3/18/10

"Midlake are mesmerizing. It's epic, emotional music."
- Ryan Spaulding,
all photos by 5342 Studios

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Midlake - SxSW performance 3-18-10

Apr 26 - Rotterdam
Apr 27 - Nijmegen
Apr 28 - Groningen
May 14 - Columbia, Missouri
The Blue Note
May 15 - St. Louis, Missouri
Old Rock House
May 16 - Newport, Kentucky
Southgate House
May 17 - Columbus, Ohio
The Wexner Center / OSU
May 18 - Ithaca, New York
May 20 - Montreal, Quebec
Le National
May 21 - Toronto, Ontario
The Mod Club
May 22 - Detroit, Michigan
Magic Stick
May 23 - Chicago, Illinois
Lincoln Hall
May 24 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Turner Hall
May 25 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
Cedar Cultural Center
May 27 - Bozeman, Montana
The Filling Station
May 28 - Missoula, Montana
The Badlander
May 30 - George, Washington
Sasquatch Music Festival
Jun 1 - Aspen, Colorado
Belly Up Aspen
Jun 2 - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Santa Fe Brewing Co.
Jun 3 - Lubbock, Texas
The Foundation
Jun 4 - Austin, TX
Jun 5 - Dallas, TX
Palladium Ballroom
Jun 28 - Liverpool, UK
Jun 29 - Sheffield, UK
Jun 30 - Portsmouth, UK

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new video AD FRANK

VIDEODROME SERIES: We continue our look at new music videos this week. Today's spotlight shines brightly on Boston's own Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women. This band released one of the better new albums ("Your Secrets Are Mine Now") we heard from this region last year. They are key players in the Boston music scene and have proven themselves to be staunch supporters of their fellow musicians. Case in point is this really charming, clever new music video - Produced & Directed by Theodore Cormey. If you watch carefully, the film serves as an emerging who's who in Boston music right now. Let us begin:

Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women

One to Watch in 2010


photo: just bill

Ad Frank & The Fast Easy Women
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

new video SHARON JONES

VIDEODROME SERIES: Throughout the next week to ten days we will be resurrecting this well-worn series and giving it a new look. The theme here is fresh and these videos fit the bill. Let us begin:

Sharon Jones

SxSW 2010 photos by 5342 Studios

"I Learned The Hard Way"

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Web / Myspace / Daptone Records

Recently on the RSL Videodrome...

The St. John All-Stars

Key Moments in Music History

The "St. John All-Stars"

Low Anthem at The Dise

Photographic Evidence
by Johnny Arguedas

The Paradise - Boston, MA
Tuesday 4/20/10

The Low Anthem were outstanding this week

RSL Streaming Photo Album
The Low Anthem at The Paradise 4-20-10

The Low Anthem
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


This One is On The Way.....

We all knew that there would be an Iron Man 2 following the huge economic and social success (the foundation for a franchise, clearly laid) of the first. And like the original, this Iron Man film features a lot of rock music - spotlighted, of course with ACDC. Here's the trailer. The movie opens May 7. Geek out.

Iron Man,Whiplash,movies,film poster

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Romance is Boring

On Further Review...
by Nick Parker

Boston date:
April 24 at The Paradise
(18+) w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars

Los Campesinos!

The New Album from Los Campesinos - There have been lots of albums out recently from established acts trying to balance pushing forward with their sound but also retaining the quality of their past releases, with varying degrees of success. None of them have managed to keep this tricky middle ground with more skill than Los Campesinos. “Romance is Boring” is an album of (at least) two sides, and both of them are compelling.

I have written about this band before. When I did, I was wowed by the cheery energy and humor of their youth. They were witty and intelligent, the elements of a gang of seven friends playing together on stage and off. I could see in them a connection to a new drive to put the intelligence back into British indie music, along with other excellent bands like Maximo Park and Lightspeed Champion. They were, in short, the kind of band that moved past the bombast of muscular rock, to give us all the energy and add to it the intellect that gives songs depth and long-lasting appeal.


1 In Medias Res
2 There Are Listed Buildings
3 Romance Is Boring
4 We’ve Got Your Back ...
(Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown #2)
5 Plan A
6 200-102
7 Straight In at 101
8 Who Fell Asleep In
9 I Warned You: Do Not Make an Enemy of Me
10 Heart Swells / 100-1
11 I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know
12 A Heat Rash in the Shape of the Show Me State; ...
Or, Letters From Me to Charlotte
13 The Sea Is a Good Place of Think of the Future
14 This Is a Flag. There Is No Wind
15 Coda: A Burn Scar in the Shape of the Sooner State

The Los Campesinos of Romance is Boring are a band with all the droll gags and word play, but something novel too, which makes them addictive on a whole new level. The best examples are in songs like “Who Fell Asleep In” and “The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future.” Both show singer Gareth to be a real force to be reckoned with. Emotionally charged lyrics about troubled relationships and desperate friends are a turn you wouldn’t normally expect from this band, or this vocalist, but Gareth sings them with huge conviction. They really are all grown up, at least in the ways it counts.

What remains young about Los Campesinos is their veracious desire to throw themselves into music. It’s an admirable trait that I hope they never grow out of. They are playing at the Paradise on 24th April, and I will be there, laughing with them at times, and silent when they move me.

Romance is Boring was recorded and mixed between March and June of 2009, in Seattle, Connecticut and Monmouthsire, with producer John Goodmanson. It features guest appearances from Jamie Stewart, Zac Pennington and Jherek Bischoff. The band is touring in support right now.

April 19 - Burlington, VT
Higher Ground Showcase Lounge
All Ages Show
Apr 20 - Toronto, Ont
Phoenix Theatre
All Ages Show
Apr 21 - Hoboken, NJ
All Ages Show
Apr 21 - NY, NY
Irving Plaza
All Ages Show
Apr 24 - Boston, MA
The Paradise
18+ Show
Apr 27 - Washingon, DC
9:30 Club
All Ages Show
Apr 28 - Covington, KY
Mad Hatter Club
All Ages Show
Apr 29 - Madison, WI
Majestic Theatre
All Ages Show
Apr 30 - Chicago, IL
Cabaret Metro
All Ages Show
May 1 - Minneapolis, MN
First Avenue
All Ages Show
May 4 - Seattle, WA
Showbox Theatre
All Ages Show
May 5 - Portland, OR
Hawthorne Theatre
All Ages Show
May 7 - San Francisco, CA
Hawthorne Theatre
All Ages Show
May 8 - Los Angeles, CA
El Rey Theatre
All Ages Show
May 10 - Pomona, CA
The Glass House
All Ages Show
May 11 - San Diego, CA
San Diego Woman's Club
All Ages Show

Los Campesinos!
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Monday, April 19, 2010

Drummer Devon Clifford - RIP

In Memory of a Lost Musician
Unpublished Live Photographs
by Mark Jenko

You Say Party We Say Die!
3/26/10 at TT the Bears - Cambridge, MA

It was with great shock and dismay we learned yesterday that Devon Clifford, the drummer of British Columbia's celebrated dance-punk act You Say Party! We Say Die!, passed away from suffering a brain hemorrhage. Clifford was said to have collapsed on stage during the band's show at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver on Friday night. Clifford would have been 31-years old this year.

You Say Party We Say Die! released their third full-length album, "XXXX," September and was set to embark on a European tour later this month.

Paper Bag Records, the band's record label released a statement Sunday: "It is with absolute sadness to report that our dear friend Devon Clifford passed away just hours ago in a Vancouver hospital surrounded by his family and friends. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him. I request that we respect the family's privacy during this incredibly difficult time."

Devon Clifford: 1979-2010

Clifford & YSPWSD played Cambridge, MA on March 26.

RSL Streaming Photo Album
You Say Party We Say Die! at TT the Bears 3-26-10

photos: Mark Jenko

"Devon Clifford was an extremely gifted drummer and determined character," followed a press release issues by the band's publicist, Darryl Weeks.

"He loved his family, loved his band, loved traveling, loved being on stage and loved meeting people around the world. He was smart, witty, passionate, and music meant everything to him. He was also incredibly generous with his love and respected everybody he came into contact with."

The family went on to "remind young people to have the courage to follow their dreams like Devon did." They also praised his involvement with the Portland Hotel Society, a group that helps provide shelter for Vancouver's homeless population.

You Say Party We Say Die!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Week: The Low Anthem

Going Out Boston / Cambridge
Shows You Should Check Out

Boston date (18+):
April 20 at The Paradise
w/ David Wax Museum
Annie & the Beekeepers

The Low Anthem

With a sound too big to be confined to New England, The Low Anthem (hailing from Providence, RI), belong to the world now. One of the big winner's of last year's Newport Folk Festival, the band have been invited back again (later this summer.) The band released one of the better albums of the year last year; Oh My God Charlie Darwin - which you definitely be looking into...

Paste Magazine's Album of the Year

The Low Anthem - The Ballad of the Broken Bones
Live at the XPoNential Music Festival - July 25, 2009

Well here's your chance this week to see this local Americana powerhouse in a sound-friendly setting. Tuesday night, The Low Anthem plays The Paradise (at 967 Commonwealth Ave) with Boston favorites: David Wax Museum (possibly the best Mexo-Americana band going right now) and the outstanding Annie and the Beekeepers. (Gorgeous voice carries modern Americana originals accompanied by strings. Read here: Do not arrive late to this one.

RSL Live Music Photo Album
The Low Anthem at Newport Folk 50

photos: 5342 Studios

The Low Anthem - Gear List:

1 WWI portable pump organ
1 harmonium
1 '63 Gibson B15
1 gut-strung parlor axe
1 AJ & HH 29" thunder drum
1 nipple gong
2 or 3 clarinets
1 really big fiddle
1 E flat marching horn
1 sizzling set of crotales
1 electricity aided guitar
1 rusty saw
1 accordian
1 or 2 fiddles
enough harmonicas to summon locusts

The Low Anthem
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Art Alexakis

The Sunday Song
mp3s that make it right

Alexakis is the frontman for Everclear

Art Alexakis links
Everclear / Wikipedia
(actor credits)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Viral Video: WAX TAILOR

A New Episode of Viral Video
Stop-Motion Music Video You Need to See

artwork by TENAS

Welcome to another episode of Viral Video, the much beloved result when a curious mind searches the video websites looking for the freshest, most unbelievable entertainment clips. This semi-regular series allows us to come into contact with some of the best new video from all over the world, one piece at a time. Feed your mind - and support the arts!

Today's bright line shines on France's Wax Tailor, a group that has become known for their sensational, inventive and unconventional music videos as they have for their thought-provoking, tracks. Wax Tailor is a one-man band bringing in sound influences from the four corners.

We like the Wax Tailor use of truly amazing sound clips and select vocals that lend themselves to to lend a human touch to what would otherwise by overwhelming, powerful percussion (whether it be beats, drum, horns or city streets cut to resemble something else altogether.) Tailor is much bigger in France than he is here in the states. He was just on the cover of French electrobeat magazine Trax.

The signature output has earned Wax Tailor the musical hash tag of a hip-hop artist, but the act could be just easily be R&B or even straight pop - depending what track you might happen to be listening to at the moment.

This is good stuff; Give it a go. Global dates through 2010.

Wax Tailor

Spend a Few Minutes checking out all these
previous RSL Viral Video selections:

The RSL YouTube Page!

Hipster Kitty's Likes

Get Your Music From the Hipster Source
Making His Popularity Seem Just So Easy,

Hipster Kitty is still learning his way around the world, but you wouldn't know it.

Looking the part of the sage is terribly important to this cat. Hipster Kitty just seems to have it down. And so popular! People want to know Hipster Kitty for his adept shunning of buzz bands just before they are about to grow cold. He has an impeccable sense of music taste - and an old soul. Each week Hipster Kitty digs out a music track from "the good list. " Sometimes it's brand new stuff, sometimes an old favorite. You never know what you'll get.

Actually Hipster Kitty played a fast one.
This week's new track isn't new music at all.
It's a mash of Oasis and the Beatles.

Hipster Kitty is nothing if not Ironic.

Hipster Kitty is a Weekly Music Series
that does it's best to confound and entertain.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Star & Micey

Discoveries from SxSW 2010:
Someone You Really Need to Know

Star & Micey are a band from Memphis

The Scene: Barbarella
615 Red River St, Austin, TX
March 18, 2010 for SxSW

Here is another in the series of great bands we discovered on our trip to SXSW. As mentioned in our previous posts, there is no way we can review all the great bands who were there, since there was no way to see all the great names and all the promising acts. We will be sharing as many as we can. Enjoy!

Things started out heavy-hearted at the Barbarella Bar for their Memphis showcase. Before Star & Micey took the stage, Jody Stephens from Big Star came out to say a few words about his friend Alex Chilton who had passed away the day before. Stephens also sat in for the last song with guys.

Star & Micey is a three-piece group who have found some creative ways to work around their challenge finding a permanent drummer. (Spontaneous combustion is reportedly not the problem) They actually use a series of drum pedals and share the duties among the three of them. It creates a very interesting effect.

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Star & Micey - SxSW performance 3-18-10

This band has an engaging combination of folk, blues, gospel with a dash of country. They also have a pop sensibility that pulls together these various influences into a musical package that is a joy to hear. When these guys play you can feel the love for the music come through and they had the crowd enthralled by the end of the first song.


I highly recommend checking out Star & Micey's self-titled debut album. You can download three of their songs for free HERE.

Star & Micey
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Radio Moscow

Kick Ass Psychedelic Rock!
One More Great Band You Should Know

BOSTON DATE: Thursday, April 15th
Appearing at Great Scott w/ Naam & Villainer

WORDS TO LIVE BY - "...and jam on through to the end muthafuka!!" I've used that term to mock countless bands who seemed to write half a song, but then have no idea what to do. This will be the first time I use it as a heartfelt compliment. Radio Moscow is a badass hard-rock blues band that I expect to blow the doors clean off Great Scott on Thursday

WHO THEY BE - Radio Moscow is headed up by Parker Griggs who in the studio played both guitar and drums for their eponymous first release, (produced by Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys) as well as their newest album "Brain Cycles". The rest of the trio is made up of bass player Zach Anderson and their newest member, Paul Merrone, who is the group's current drummer.

One to Watch in 2010

When I first listened to Radio Moscow, I didn't realize that both guitar and drums were played by the same person. (I'm still not sure if I should be surprised or not.) When you listen to them, the interplay between the drums and guitar is one of the things that really sticks out. But, is it more impressive that they got that sound recording them separately, I don't know. It simply kicks ass.

A WINNING COMBINATION - As an aside, Radio Moscow is on one of RSL's favorite labels, Alive Naturalsound Records. These are the folks who put out The Black Keys first album, "The Big Come Up" and whose current catalog contains other great acts such as Buffalo Killers, Left Lane Cruiser and Two Gallants.

Radio Moscow
upcoming live dates

Apr 15 - Allston, MA
Great Scott
Apr 16 - Rochester, NY
The Bug Jar
Apr 17 - Columbus, OH
The Summit
Apr 18 - Cleveland, OH
Beachland Ballroom
Apr 19 - Newport, KY
Southgate House
Apr 20 - Chicago, IL
The Double Door
Apr 21 - Minneapolis, MN
Turf Club
Apr 22 - Ames, IA
DG’s Tap House
Apr 23 - Iowa City, IA
The Yacht Club
Apr 26 - Lawrence, KS
Replay Lounge
Apr 27 - Denver, CO
Larimer Lounge
Apr 28 - Salt Lake City, UT
Club Vegas
Apr 30- Seattle, WA
Comet Tavern
May 1 - Portland, OR
East End Tavern
May 2 - Eugene, OR
The Muse Lounge

Radio Moscow
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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jakob Dylan & Neko Case

Music History in the Making....
A Special Night of Music in Boston

Thursday 4/15/10
Jakob Dylan + Three Legs
featuring Neko Case & Kelly Hogan

(Hogan is ex-female lead in Drive By Truckers)

RSL Ticket Giveaway: is now closed.

Jakob Dylan arrives in Boston just days after releasing his new album.

Boston Plays Host - Having seen both Jakob Dylan and Neko Case twice each my expectations are justifiably lofty. Thursday's show at the Wilbur will be just one of the first handful of shows following the release of Dylan's, Women and Country. Expect a special kind of show from Dylan - playing now with backing band, The Three Legs. Sets will also feature Kelly Hogan (former Drive By Truckers) and Neko Case come into this Thursday's show sounding better than ever, (she totally knocked it out at last year's Newport Folk Festival.)


With the various elements and artists involved, new recorded material for a new tour, this could be a huge night - an unique experience - a night to remember.

Check for Availability
Venue: The Wilbur Theatre

Neko Case at Newport Folk 50
photo: 5342 Studios

Email us at rsl @ rslblog . com
write Dylan & Neko at the Wilbur in the subject.

One winner gets the pair. (non-transferable)
FYI: no information from entries ever gets shared.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rhyme of John Shade

Someone You Really Should Know
New England's John Shade

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NEW ALBUM - I fully anticipated liking whatever music project came next from John Shade - the stage name for Dave Godowsky [recommended Boston Globe story.] But I couldn't believe my ears listening to his new record; All You Love is Need. We are still very early in the year, but this is definitely one of the better albums I have heard! (ed's note: this new release is "pay-what-you-want" - details using the link below.)

John Shade's cleverly titled All You Love is Need is a witty cover on an album that serves to showcase the singer-songwriter's impressive range. Here (both musically and lyrically) Shade plays puppeteer, the songs only held back on a lease of their master's ambitions. The upbeat numbers and vibrant, energetic tales. The serious, reflective songs are emotive but without a heavy hand. Shade appears to made to be a conscious effort to pay his respect to the ghosts of music-past.

Shade's vocal inflections work very well with his timing style. His voice can rumble like running rain down a tin gutter - and can still rise effortlessly climbing like a candle's flame or the upturned wing of a hawk. You can better believe this record will be in heavy rotation.

If you are around Boston, you can find out about John Shade this week for yourself...

John Shade w/ the Neave String Quartet
weds 4/14/10
The Lizard Lounge
Cambridge, MA

Special music guests: Mark Erelli on guitar
Sean Greenhalgh on drums (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
Zack Hickman on bass (Josh Ritter band)

John Shade - Web / My / Fb / Tw / Album