Friday, March 30, 2007

Weekend Artist Series: Portland's ANOTHER CYNTHIA

It's Friday evening and wanted to leave you with some great music. The profile artist for the weekend is Another Cynthia. I first wrote about them last August and I actually ended up naming them the Most Underrated Band in 2006. Yep - Definitely Worthy of a listen and a place in your collection. Just remember you saw it here first (again.)

ANOTHER CYNTHIA - the band you'll leave your current favorite indie CD for. A 2006 must have for your collection! This is the amazing new band from Portland. They are sporting the best new sound and some truly amazing production values. Together it makes for an amazing new sound.What else can I possibly say? Read on friends, read on.

This Oregon five-piece band released a limited release CD in 2006 that proved to be an underrated classic - one of the year's best indie jewels. Truly fantastic musicianship, excellent lyrics and some sick production - especially noteworthy since they did it in-house.

SAMPLE from the Limited Edition Disc:

PICK ONE UP: (limited edition)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hello from the Cold War Kids

Tomorrow night the COLD WAR KIDS return to Boston to play a sold out show at the Middle East in Central Square, Cambridge.

It's been amazing year for the band, its fans and the music.... oh the music! I met the band first at the Middle East on June 6 of last year in an amazing line-up with Tapes N Tapes and The Figurines. It was quite a night. The guys in the band (Nate, Johnny, Matt and Matt) have been playing sold-out shows across the country and making fans out of unsuspecting concert-goers ever since. I have since written about the band a handful of times, and what follows is my review of the Robbers and Cowards album which was released on October 10 as well as some bonus live material. Enjoy - and if you don't have any of their material, now would be the time to click over to their page and pick up the album or one of their EPs!

Attack on sonic boredom - the cold war kids - rich, layered soulful rock music on sale: "A sound so original and timeless you wonder how it sprang from the Los Angeles suburbs and not the dark, rich loam of the bayou" - the LA Times

Downtown Records (Gnarls Barkley, Eagles of Death Metal) today release the Cold War Kids' full-length debut, Robbers & Cowards. The album follows the Southern California band's release of three EPs in two years: Mulberry Street, Up in Rags, and With our Wallets Full. Do what you can to get to the record store and pickup Robbers and Cowards today.

A "must have." Robbers and Cowards drops today!

The thick, layered sound cranked out by this band has proven to leave a strong and enduring impression.Touring and playing with some of world's greatest new bands has bore fruit for the talented foursome. They now find their little indie rock band in some very exclusive company.

The CWK's edge may come in unusual time signature drum and guitar pieces accentuated with powerful blues- and gospel-like vocals, piano solos and defining bass.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
photo: Spin magazine
At this point in their early careers -Matt Maust (bass), Jonnie Russell (guitar) , Nathan Willett (vocals) and Matt Aveiro (drums) could already almost be counted as veterans. But this is not the case. What they are is musically tight, talented and dynamic youngsters. And because of this they have evolved and grown with each performance.

To add more appeal to a Cold War Kids live performance, they have toured with a gallery of independent talent. This list prominently includes: Tapes N Tapes, Sound Team, Figurines, The Futureheads, The French Kicks, Midlake and Two Gallants.

The band may have passed another threshold recently. The band appeared in a full-page splash in Interview magazine - A trendy publication which proudly touts itself as "the crystal ball of pop." Success in this case is hardly difficult to predict.

As a loyal CWKs fan, I am left with one nagging question: Where the hell are these powerful lyrics coming from?

Most musicians their age are writing about loud music or their ex-girlfriends. Cold War Kids write with a surprising level of culture, experience and conscience.

Take "Hospital Beds" for instance...

What band out there is writing songs about strangers laying in adjacent hospital beds? The premise: two bed-ridden strangers are forced to relate to one another because of their common thread - humanity, proximity and fear. Seriously - that's unreal.

Hospital Beds

Tell me the story
of how you ended up here
I've heard it all in the hospital
nothing's sufficing
doctors on tour
somewhere in India.
I've got one friend
laying across from me
I did not choose him
he did not choose me
we've got no chance of recovery
joy and hospital
joy and misery
joy and misery
joy and misery

Cold War Kids don't perform songs about longing - they write about the sensation of being near someone - separated by a pane of glass.

The song, "We Used to Vacation" is improbably about the break-up of an adult relationship in which alcohol is the third partner. The listener is meant to understand that to a passive viewer - a child perhaps, the manifestation of this breakup is the fear that there will be no more family vacations; no more good times. Amazing.

We Used to Vacation album version

I promised to my wife and children
I'd never touch another drink
as long as I live
but even then
it sounds so soothing
this will blow over in time
this will all blow over in time
I'm just an honest man
provide for me and mine
I give a check to deductable
charity organizations
two weeks paid vacation
won't heal the damage done
I need another one.

We Used to Vacation live

(highly recommended)

I suppose it's like anything, you either get it or you just don't -

I just think the Cold War Kids make it easy to listen to the music.

Rubidoux live

Expensive Tastes

Saint John album version

Saint John live

A picture I took of Jonnie of the Cold War Kids after a show earlier this year.

The backdrop is a mural at the Middle East in Cambridge. It's now up on the band's webpage!

CWK on MYSPACE - CWK Main Page

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blog Radio Volume 21 - The Heartache and Joy of Falling In Love

Feeling: it's A Good Thing, Right??

Retratos by artist Helen Bar
A tribute to falling in love and everything hurting, a lot.
What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get proper exposure. A new installment is released once each week to ten days (this episode is overdue). Today's post is a commemoration to coming of age, spring love, heartache, joy and realizing that everything is just so damn important.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Interview with The Black and White Years

The BIG WINNERS from this year's SxSW festival!

Already sporting a wicked new sound, The Black and White Years closed the iconic South-by-Southwest Music Festival with new fans, a couple of album offers and a dedicated producer - Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads! It was one hell of a month and if everybody took something away from the experience - this band was the biggest winner!

Here is my interview with the Austin band as they talk the "Great Leap Forward" towards a new record deal and into the unknown!

Landon Thompson and The Black and White Years have cause for celebration.
photograph by Travis Glodt

The story couldn't be more dramatic, or perhaps, have a more fitting end. Weeks before the Austin music festival was to take place, I got exposed to The Black and White Years and was won over by their dynamic sound. They are intelligent, raw and they groove. They use the best part of the indie-rock sound collective consciousness (channeling elements of the Talking Heads, Beck, Of Montreal and David Bowie into their songs) while still managing to sound new and very fresh. The blend of unique sound and high promise landed them a spot in South-by-Southwest.

What would happen next was not a good thing. The band returned home one day to find all their gear and their computers stolen. Everything gone during a break-in which would have destroyed a lesser band.

With the help of the fans, friends and family the band got back on their feet just in time for the festival - and that's where our story picks up. Short story long - The Black and White Years kicked ass in Austin and won over a whole lot of hearts.

The Band (from left)

John Aldridge: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Landon Thompson: Lead Guitar
Scott Butler: Bass and Brass

Interview with Scott Butler and Landon Thompson:

Ryan (RSL): Hey guys! Tell me what's it's been like recently for the band with the South-by-Southwest Music Festival and all of the attention you have been getting.

Scott Butler (Scott): Hi. Um. SxSW was as exhausting and mind-boggling as everyone said it would be. And as for the attention we've been getting, it's the kind of attention where smart people in quiet places really like your music.

Landon Thompson (Landon): We played five shows in three days for audiences ranging from 15 to 150 people. The right people, luckily, got our demo and saw some potential.

Scott: And the responses we've gotten from everyone at gigs and in general has been as positive and supportive as we ever could have hoped! Right now, we feel like the pretty girls at the prom. (laughing) Or the ugly girls who were really funny and got nominated prom queen.

RSL: Well, you deserve the attention. Now, the big surprise - the most pleasant unveiling here is that Jerry Harrison of The Talking Heads will be producing your next album. Congratulations!

Ryan's note: In addition to being a great musician in a band of historical importance, Harrison has gone on to become a well-respected producer. He has worked with and produced songs for the Violent Femmes, Crash Test Dummies, Live, No Doubt and the Fine Young Cannibals. The fact that Harrison would agree to produce an album for The Black and White Years is cause for celebration and testament to just how good the band really is.

RSL: Tell us how this came to be! Is Jerry a fan of the band?

Landon: Thanks! Jerry Harrison heard our demo through Randy Miller, our manager - who worked with Jerry when Jerry produced Live. He liked the music and wanted to produce. He's a fan and he's making our album for an indie label, Brando Records."

Come Together: (from left) The Talking Head's Jerry Harrison, Landon Thompson, Black and White Years manager Randy Miller, Scott Butler and John Aldridge

Scott: After several weeks of troubled sleep, SxSW provided the opportunity for Jerry to see us live. Jerry saw us at our showcase at Opal Divine's and we met after. Over the next couple of days, he hung out at the band-house and heard all our material. Now, we're in discussions about dates, times, how's, who's, where's, etc..

RSL: We spoke earlier and I know you have some material basically "ready to go" for this forthcoming album. How far away are you, creatively, from getting this thing done?

Scott Butler

Scott: Without a drummer, we're forced to program all our drums and keyboards into our Roland Juno-G, so that we can play live. What that basically means is that the songs live are essentially the way they will be recorded, with the exception of vocals, guitars, and bass.

Landon: Of course, we're also going to work with a live drummer on the record……..The name Steve Ferrone is being tossed around.

RSL: Wow, Steve Ferrone would be huge. For those readers who haven't been in Austin during the Festival Season, can you tell us what it was like this year? What were your impressions being a featured entertainer?

Landon: We feel blessed that the music community in Austin has been so supportive and has so quickly responded to our music. It's amazing how quickly a band can move up from pizza parlors to great venues here in Austin, despite the large numbers of bands vying for the same slots.

Scott: And even in the small venues – the pizza parlors, etc. you can get a huge response from the crowd. Austin feels like a community more than some large cities. At our level, it's a real trip when someone recognizes you by name at a bowling alley.

RSL: There is a fun-paced, playful element to some of your songs. What would you like people to take away from one of your shows?

Scott: By the end of the show, I want the audience to be covered in sweat, but not their sweat. Our sweat!

Landon: Imagine old-school Jane Fonda in her tight yellow spandex and leg-warmers really working it out, getting into it, killing the calories. . . (laughs)

RSL: Is there anybody in the band who is simply fixated on a musical hero? For a long time - even when I was younger, I listened to a lot of Bob Dylan, for instance.

Landon: None of us are fixated on any single musical hero anymore. Scott was obsessed with Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins. John was fixated with experimental accordion and wacky shit from Finland.

Scott: Landon was all about Mr. Bungle and Tool and classical guitar. Now, we're all a bunch of dorks who listen to music from Brazil and Disney.

Landon: And, of course, 80's music.

RSL: Can you select one of your songs and tell us how it came about? What was the creative process like?

Scott: The song "Waking/Dream" is interesting because it originally was a Brian Setzer Orchestra-type song. Which I (Scott) disliked, though I wrote it. We played the song for months and months in this awful swing-style. However, after we re-started the band with a keyboard and a new name, it was only appropriate to re-invent "Waking/Dream." Thank goodness we did.

RSL: Are there any contemporary bands influencing you these days?

Landon: Some contemporary influences for us are Of Montreal, Arcade Fire, Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!, Alfie, The Bees (UK), I Am Kloot, Beck (of course) and some others. Scott just listens to ass-loads of Brazilian music and Stephen Sondheim. Baffling. (laughs)

RSL: What is something that people should know about The Black and White Years?

Scott: We are pretty nice guys. We play soccer in the backyard. We sometimes get hurt doing that very thing. We came up with a list of band names that was several pages long, single spaced. And we hated them all for different reasons. Then, we got fed up and starting doing the encyclopedia thing. The first pages to which I turned were glossies of black and white era stars. The heading of the page was The Black and White Years. I think that's how it happened. Or I might have just said it. John hated it at first, but Landon and I were so fed up with the whole finding-a-band-name thing that we convinced him.

Landon: Playing music is pretty awesome.

RSL: Listening to you play isn't bad either. Thanks guys - I appreciate it! Best of luck.

The RSL Album Review: BAWY release a full-length debut!
The RSL brings the Black and White Years to Boston!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ticket Opportunity - BOSTON: Friday's BIRDMONSTER & MASON PROPER play the Middle East

Boston - here's your chance to see a great Show this Friday.


This is going to be a really good show. These two bands are great!

The Friday night line-up will also include Ra Ra Riot and The Shills.
The Middle East Upstairs is located in Central Square on Mass Avenue in Cambridge.

One pair of passes to the lucky winner.
Name to be selected at 6pm on Wednesday 3/28/07.

Send me an email:
Enter "Birdmonster/Mason Proper" in the subject line


links: Spotlighting Mason Proper's new album

The Best the Web has to Offer - Four Songs, Great Links

Spider Web on Barbed Wire (2004)
David Blevins

Friday, March 23, 2007

The incredible New Modest Mouse album & Live Material


John Brazile - the next Great Troubadour!

Even Unplugged...
John Brazile is just Electric!

There are two types of discovery. There is the one that comes accompanied by surprise - because one actually expects something to be good - and it's actually great. Then there is the truly wonderful variety of discovery - it results in finding something great and special when we aren't even looking at all. The latter is just how I stumbled across Mr. John Brazile - a terribly amazing talent! I sipped Bass ale after Bass ale one night - and watched him perform. The sound was just remarkable and the man is only 22-years-old! I recently met up with John again to talk with him for a bit and offer him a profile here on this page.

I am pleased to say that the musician is equally talented as a human being... quite humble and friendly. We actually happen to have a few things in common. (John happens to be able to play just about any Ryan Adams song I could think of... That's pretty damn cool.)

So here are some sample songs. Expect to see more of John Brazile on these pages in the weeks to come. Perhaps an interview? Maybe something live? Here's why I am so excited:

Visit John Brazile on myspace

The RSL Music Blog hopes to help sponsor John Brazile during the summer concert season this year. For more information on how you can get John and other talented musicians at your venue, please contact me. Plans are underway!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Tim Williams Interview - Someone you Need to Know

The kind folks over at dovecote records sent me a copy of Tim William's "Merchant Heart" EP about 10 weeks ago and it has been in heavy rotation in the RSL compound ever since.

Meet Tim Williams

Background: When you first hear Tim's music you kind of get bowled over. I hear a lot of songs and it's not often you hear a new artist with such "sound." Not to mention the talented musicianship... So that led me to write a growing review of his music back in January. Since then I have remained in contact with Tim and we thought now would pretty much be a good time for an interview - so all of you could get exposed to the man and his music.

Ryan (RSL): Tim, thanks for the interview. I have been looking forward to it.

Tim Williams: Hey Ryan.

RSL: I am very much am enjoying the new EP release. What was it like making the album? Was it fast or painstaking?

Tim: The toughest part about making - Merchant Heart - was finding one of the producers (Dave Lynch) when I arrived to his town. Since I was living in England at the time I figured it would be easy to connect with him right away. This was far from the reality as he was finishing up some work on another record in Belfast (and had no access to the outside world.) When we did finally connect I realized why it is he was so hard to find. This guy really pours himself into his work and it was no different with recording "Merchant Heart."

The EP release: Merchant Heart

Tim: We spent a little over a week tracking at ICC studios in Eastbourne and the process was really enjoyable. It was nice to work with a group of musicians that were music fans first. Paul & Phil Wilkinson(of Belfast's Amazing Pilots) also did a great deal of work on this EP. Dave and Paul have co-produced some great records in the past and I was very excited to finally get to work with them.

RSL: It sounds like you got in with a very talented group. Can we expect a full-length release?

Tim: The EP turned out so well that I went back to London in July and recorded 13 more tracks for my new LP – When Work Is Done – that will be released this year on Dovecote.

RSL: That's really great news! Can you tell me about the music you have listened to growing up? How did this music impact you? Which contemporary artists are you into right now?

Tim: Growing I listened to Social Distortion, Avail, and a lot of other punk bands that would roll into Columbus, Ohio. There's some great venues in that town like the Newport Music Hall and Bernies Distillery that I would frequent. I remember seeing Guitar Wolf at Bernies in High
School and being totally blown away by them. By my senior year in HS I caught the Brit-pop bug and still have it to this day. Ride, Ash, and Blur are a few bands that I listened to. They all wrote songs that I believed in and looked badass as well. Currently I'm listening to a lot of stuff based on this side of the pond. Lightning Bolt, Will Oldham, Six Parts Seven, and a lot of the other bands on their respective labels have my attention at the moment.There's also some great stuff happening in the UK with bands like Fanfarlo, Psapp, Band Of Bees, and The Late Greats.

RSL: (Nodding.) That's quite a list. But tell me though; Who are your heroes? Are they musicians and why do they mean so much to you?

Tim: I don't really have any "heroes" at the moment - well maybe George W. Bush… er,maybe not... (laughing.) I definitely look up to a lot of writers, photographers, and visual artists. Nyree Watts in my favorite photographer right now. There is such a warmth and depth to her work. I am very gratetful she agreed to do the cover for "Merchant Heart." She really took her time to listen to my music first and then take all the amazing photographs you see in the package.

RSL: Cool. So what's a typical night like before you play a gig? Any special preparations or rituals? Any funny stories?

Tim: Before a gig I'm generally a fucking wreck. I never noticed it until my keyboard player Mickela (Mallozzi) was on the road with me in the UK. I don't know why it happens exactly, it just does. Once we play a few songs though and I get a feel for the crowd all is well.

Most of the funny stories happen well after the gig when I've been over served and am need
of a bed. One of these times was at IOTA in Arlington, VA. I just finished playing a set and was standing by the merch table talking to some people. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some dude chatting up my mother, who lives in the area. I went over there to see what the deal was. As soon as I said "hello" I was told to more or less "fuck off" as "she was busy" by the guy. In order to not start a fight I decided to escort my mom out of the venue and to her car before any happened, which luckily it didn't. Is that funny or disturbing?!

RSL: (Smiling) Tell me about your song-writing process. Where do the lyrics come from?

Tim: My song-writing process has changed quite a bit since my Brooklyn apartment was robbed. Now, without a computer I do all my writing on a 4-track and on pen and paper. This has made the process less immediate but more substantial I believe. So thanks to my cracked out Super for stealing all my shit – you have really helped to improve my writing!

RSL: Sorry to hear about the robbery! Wow, life and its foils, eh? Well the result certainly hasn't hurt your songwriting - this I can say. Can you please break down just one song for me and tell me what it means to you?

Tim: Both lyrics and music come to me at the same time initially. I've tried to write lyrics first and then music but the whole process seems a bit to premeditated for me. "I Am Wearing It" is an example of both lyrics and music coming together at the same time. More or less this song is about a person I met who was living out the same addictions that killed one of their loved ones. The goal of the song was to help them realize this and show them there could be much more to their existence.

RSL: Powerful stuff Tim, thanks. Can we look forward to any gigs in the Northeast in 2007? I am actually looking into this right now.

Tim: Yes, I definitely want to play more shows up North. I actually used to live in Boston for a year before I moved to NYC. I spent a majority of the last year recording and touring in the UK but will be up your way very soon I'm sure.

RSL: Thanks Tim. We'll get you that show!

Now you can be Tim Williams' friend too: myspace page. This is where you want to go to hear a track from the forthcoming album and pick up the Merchant Heart EP at a reduced price!

Also check out the ever-growing list of talent over at Dovecote Records!

RSL New England Summer Shows Series

I am working to get some RSL Summer Shows lined up in Boston and perhaps even in Providence for the summer season and would like to get Tim Williams out along with some other artists. If someone could kindly help me out with some booking - let's get in touch!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank

The new Modest Mouse album is in stores now!


This promises to be one of the best albums of the year!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vote for Hopper: The indie rocker on tour is ready to unleash a new, wicked album

Let's look north to Alaska.
The state motto is, "North to the Future."
Listening to Matt Hopper - this might just be true.

Hopper performing at KDVS radio in Davis, CA
photo by Michael Leahy

It's on tour that we meet up with Matt Hopper, a roots-inspired guitarist talented beyond his years. Recently I have been talking with Matt online. (We have been trying to land him a Boston gig.) Presently he is in Austin showing his stuff to an appreciative indie assembly. With a new album in the wings and a slew of new fans - 2007 could be Matt's year.

Matt Hopper by photog Katrina Mosienko
(I used this photo on a previous Matt Hopper post, but I dig it.)

Matt has somehow balanced his almost daily acoustic solo appearances (in the past this has been primarily in Alaska and along the West Coast - but has recently taken him all over the US and Canada) with a tour with rock-focused backing band the Roman Candles.

What's the name of Matt's new album? Hell if I know. I have already seen several titles for this 2007 release. One of 'em will stick. Stay tuned.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Irish Sounds - Happy St Patrick's Day!

Every single day is cause for discovery and celebration,
St Patrick's Day is just a reminder that this is, indeed, true.

Road in Northern Ireland
by Chris Roberts

The Glendalough Round Tower
found in County Wickalow
by S. Nicholson

the Cliffs of Moher, 2004
by John Nikolai

The Midnight Mix - Get it While It's Hot

THE MIDNIGHT MIX // A playlist made after midnight

Carol by Echo (France)
Medeski, Scofield, Martin and Wood - Tequila and Chocolate
Voxtrot - Warmest Part of the Winter
Andrew Bird - Way Out West (live)
The Fiery Furnaces - I'm In No Mood

This week's live shows, interviews, blog radio sessions and new artist profiles:
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Inteview with an INDIE ROCK filmmaker - Meet the man behind Cold War Kids and Irving's greatest videos!

Meet Josh Forbes,
Los Angeles filmmaker.

Josh directs music videos for independent music artists.
He is one-half of the force behind the Winch and Pulley production Co.


Ryan (RSL): Wow. That's a tremendous video! How did you get involved with the Cold War Kids?

Josh Forbes: Thanks. I went to college for a couple years with Matt Maust (the bassist and graphic design guru for the band). We were never really friends, and to be honest he kind of scared me. He was super punk rock.

MM: CWK Bassist, Graphic Artist, Intimidator.
Carl Ernst photo for the Cold War Kids webpage

JF: I was friends with Matt's older brother Dave, who's in the band Havalina ( link ), and I had Dave star in the first video I directed for the band Thee Spivies ( link ). At some point along the way I got to know Matt and started bugging him to do some design stuff for me, back when his design company was called Cold War Kids. When the band started up, I started bugging him to let me do a video for him... Basically the best things in my life started with me bugging someone.

RSL: Haha - Josh, that's great. I can see what you mean. Matt is certainly intense. He's probably my favorite Cold War Kid. Very talented. Tell me about the conversation; the "bugging" as you called it. Specifically - How did you convince the band to do the video?

JF: Basically whenever I meet someone who's in a band that I like, I ask them if I can do a video. Most of the time they smile and say"yeahhhh" and then you never hear from them again. I hired Matt to do some design stuff for Winch and Pulley (dot) com and I asked him about a video and he said sure. The only down side was that they had no money, but we worked around that. You usually can.

RSL: Now that you've told us about your involvement with CWK, how about Irving, how did you meet them? I like their music but don’t know much about them, Where are they from?

JF: They're a Silverlake band. Again, it all comes back to bugging. I was doing a write up on them and had emailed them for a CD. It's one of the perks of being a music journalist, as I'm sure you know! Alex, their bass player wrote me back and we sort of hit it off. I asked if they wanted a video, he said yes and we went from there. I've always wanted to do an After Effect-sy animated video with my friends Max Miceli( ), and PJ ( ). Everybody pitched in and I'm really happy with the result. So was the band. I guess it's been on MTV2, Fuse and even in Nordstroms, which was pretty wild.


RSL: Cool. I know that song! I really dig that. How did you get into doing this? Being a filmmaker for music videos?

JF: I love music. I've written about music for over a decade, and recently was a Contributing Editor at Flavorpill (link). I have alot of contacts at different labels and it's sort of grown from there. Plus you're able to do cool stuff that other people pay for. Winch+Pulley is essentially myself and my producer Jeff Edwards. We've worked together for over 10 years. We wrote a couple scripts, one about magicians the other about midgets.

RSL: Did you go to school for film? Or study film in college?

JF: I started in film, but my school's program sucked so I studied theatre for 2 years. I left that school and after I did my time in a handful of community colleges, I ended up home at the University of Colorado. Their film school was an old abandoned Air Force base.

RSL: What are you new projects?

JF: Just wrapped a Barenaked Ladies video. Have a video for a new band called Acute that's really great (link). I'm flying out to Seattle to do a video with Damien Jurado. So a lot of stuff. Hopefully more stuff with the Cold War Kids.

RSL: Based on what I have seen, I hope so too. What video project are you the most proud of?

JSF: I'm really happy about my video for the Submarines - video

RSL: What services can you and Winch and Pulley offer small independent bands? Perhaps my page and maybe this video will help steer some bands your way.

JF: It all depends on the budget and the band. A band like the Cold War Kids is so rough and rugged that a video like our works. I once was asked to make a low budget video for a Vietnamese Pop Star and I had to pass because they wanted Britney Spears-glossy.

RSL: Thanks for visiting with me Josh. We will be watching. Best of luck.


Band Sites:
Cold War Kids

mp3 files from the interview:

Jude sings - Solo Material & New Video with the Low Stars!

In a world of entertainers
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jude Christodal
stands out
Jude was born and raised in the Boston area by a music-loving family. As a young man he felt the pull from Los Angeles and moved out west to pursue his passion. He wrote music and performed at open mike nights. Somewhere along the way he got really good.

Jude's latest project - "the Low Stars"

Opportunity knocks only so often. Low Stars found theirs by teaming four singers (including Jude) who share a passion – for vocal harmonies originally inspired by Crosby, Stills & Nash and the Eagles. Listening to this music is like listening to your own heritage. Solid songs!

See an amazing acoustic Low Stars video
in the AT&T Blueroom

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BLOG RADIO 20 - The Pursuit of Good Things

Beautiful Monsters &
Arrangements of Flowers

What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get some exposure. A new installment is released once each week to ten days. Today's post is a celebration of anniversaries, memories and special dates. It also happens to be my birthday. Enjoy!

BLOG RADIO Volume 20

Waking and Dream - The Black and White Years
Walk in the Park - Oh No! Oh My!

Baby Bring Bad News - The 22-20's
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko

Birthday - The Beatles
Special - Marcy Playground

Wasting My Time - The Revival Preachers
Outlaw Heart - Tiger Army

No More Birthdays (the Phil Spector folk mix by Bill Baird) - Sound Team
Today is the Day - Apollo Sunshine

Have a great day

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

300 - Frank Miller's masterpiece is a Scream!

300 - the movie

This is a must-see flick!
I haven't seen a movie talked about so positively
by everyone leaving the theater. People were way into it!
The marriage of art techniques and varied use of rendering technologies is amazing.
The style and tone are pretty incredible.

I will go again.

Four Songs for this Review:

Hypnotized and Mesmerized - Mechanical Spirits / Jim Dias (Boston)
10,000 Ways To Burn - Damn Personals (Boston)
The Repudiated Immortals - Of Montreal
Phenomena - The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

that's my little review.
Here's a perspective on 300 from the Plugg and a review on the Girls Kick Ass blog.

Here's some history:
Director Zach Snyder's 300 is based in-fact on a 480 BC legendary Greek conflict.
It was One Million marauding Persian soldiers and slaves against just 300 Spartan warriors and a rag-tag handful of regional supporters.

The Battle of Thermopyle